All American Billet Vortech Supercharger LS Serpentine front drive kit, A/C and Power steering


Fits all Gen III and Gen IV LS style engines LS1,LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7
Supplied pulley ratio will produce aprox 8-10psi @ 6000rpm
Horsepower gains 30-75 % dependent on engine size


All American Billet and Vortech Supercharger have worked together to develop a kit that takes the guesswork out of adding a supercharger to your vehicle. Kits include: Edelbrock water pump, A/C compressor, 160 amp alternator, power steering pump, Vortech Supercharger and all the brackets, pulleys, hardware and more! Available in Machined Finish, Polished and our exclusive Silverline Series (shown)